Payment Bitcoin

2018 Update

As well as Bitcoin, we are now also accepting 

Bitcoin (BTC)
Address: 1DdYb9pwqJWxGvU6uyUgKgGE7Unia9ceiE

We are almost ready to launch a checkout option for these currencies, in the meantime you can just choose the Bitcoin option in the checkout and we will provide you with payment addresses for all of the currencies.

To ensure order fast processing

Once you have made your payment, please send the exact amount sent (in the transferred cryptocurrency, BTC) and the date of sending, and if possible, your Transaction ID. 

To us here :

As soon as we match your payment, we will begin processing your order.

Or you can buy BitCoin via online using your Credit/Debit Card very easily online

Here are few companies offers this service


Our Bitcoin address is: 1DdYb9pwqJWxGvU6uyUgKgGE7Unia9ceiE

BTC: 1DdYb9pwqJWxGvU6uyUgKgGE7Unia9ceiE