Houston Area Music Equipment Rentals

Speakers Rental rate per day
QSC K12 2-Way Powered Speaker 1000 Watts, 1x12"(w/ PA- Mon Enclosure) $90.00 pair
Peavey SP6 2000 watt Dual 15" 2-way HIGH POWER Enclosure $80.00 pair
Peavey SP2 500 watt 15" 2-way Enclosure $40.00 pair
Peavey SP4 1200 watt dual 15" 2 way enclosure $70.00 pair
Ramsa WSA200 200 watt 12" 2-way Enclosure $30.00 pair
JBL MR902 400 watt 12" 2-way Mon enclosure $40.00 pair
JBL MP415 1x15h Main/Mon $25.00 each per day
JBL SR4726X 2x15H w/2in Horn $60.00 per day
JBL EON515 1x15H Powered 300/100w $70.00 per day
JBL PRX512M 1x12H Powered 400/100w $80.00 per day
JBL EON-15 300 15" 2-way PA/Mon enclosure $40.00 pair
JBL EON-POW 15 Powered 300 watt 15" 2-way PA/Mon enclosure $70.00 pair
JBL EON-15G2  POWERED Bi-amped 400 watt 15" 2-way PA/Mon enlosure $80.00 pair
Wharfedale Twin 15 2-way PA enclosure, weather resistant $50.00 pair
Wharefdale Twin 12 1x12H Main/Mon $20.00 each per day
Community TD2118 600 watt 2x18 sub enclosure $70.00 pair
Cerwin-Vega SL-36 18" Subwoofer 600W $70.00 pair
Power Amplifiers Rental rate per day
Crown CE4000 1200w@4 600w@8 $50.00 A day
Crown XTI2000 800w@4 475w@8 $30.00 A day
JBL MPA1100 1100w@4 650w@8 $50.00 A day
Peavey PV1600BP BI-AMP 930w@4 LO / 420w HI $35.00 A day
Peavey CS800S 260W@8ohm stereo power amp $25.00
Peavey CS800X 260W@8ohm stereo power amp $25.00
Peavey CS900 300W@8ohm stereo power amp $30.00
Peavey PV2600 550W@8ohm stereo power amp $40.00
Peavey CS1000X 375W@8ohm stereo power amp $35.00
Peavey PV3800 775W@8ohm sterep power amp $50.00
Peavey CS1200 600W@4ohm stereo power amp $35.00
Peavey GPS2600 950W@4ohm stereo power amp $40.00
Peavey GPS3500 1200W@4ohm stereo power amp $50.00
QSC USA1310 650W@4ohm stereo power amp $35.00
QSC PLX3002 900W@4ohm stereo power amp $40.00
Mixers / FOH Consoles Rental rate per day
Spirit LX-724X6 FOH live sound console $100.00
Mackie1202VLZ4 XLR 4 St 1/4" 2 aux mixer $25.00
Mackie MS1402VLZ6 XLR 4 St 1/4" 2 aux mixer $35.00
Mackie1604VLZPRO16X4X2 main mixer 2fx 2mon $50.00
Peavey XR684+ 8 ch powered mixer $30.00
Peavey XR684F 8 ch powered mixer $30.00
Peavey XR680SRM 8 ch powered mixer $30.00
Behringer XEN2222FX-PRO Mixer w/fx $35.00
SoundCraft/Spirit RW5673USMixer $30.00
DJ and Recording Rental rate per day
Numark CDN-25+G Dual CD player w/ graphic out $50.00
Numark CD Mix 3 Dual CD/mp3 player w/mixer $75.00
Numark CDN-34S Dual CD player $50.00
American DJ QdeckMixer $20.00
American DJ XDM343 Mixer $20.00
Sony PCM-R500 DAT recorder $60.00
Tascam DA-302 Dual DAT recorder $80.00
Wired/Wireless Microphones Rental rate per day
Audio-Technica 3141 200 channel UHF lavalier wireless $40.00
Shure PGX24/58 90 channel UHF handheld wireless SM58 $40.00
Audio-Technica Headset Sub for lavalier system $5.00 upcharge
Shure BETA52 kick drum mic $15.00
AKG D3400 kick drum mic $15.00
Shure SM58LC Handheld vocal $10.00
Crown PCC160 boundary mic $20.00
Crown PCC200 boundary mic $20.00
Audio-Technica AT853RX choir mic $10.00
Outboard Gear/Signal Processors Rental rate per day
Yamaha SPX90 Reverb $30.00
Peavey Q231 Dual 31 band EQ $20.00
Ashly XR1001 Crossover $20.00
Roland SRV2000 Digital reverb $25.00
Roland SDE1000 Digital delay $25.00
Guitar/Bass Rental rate per day
Fender American Standard Strat Electric Guitar, maple neck, w/case $50.00
Fender American Standard J-Bass Electric Bass, maple neck, w/case $50.00
Takamine EG-330C Acoustic/Elecric Guitar w/case $30.00
Guitar / Bass Amplifiers Rental rate per day
Peavey Classic50 4 X 10 guitar amp 50W $75.00
Fender Twin 2X12 guitar combo $50.00
Fender TwinII 2X12 guitar combo $50.00
Fender Twin '65 reissue 2x12 guitar combo $75.00
Vox AC30 guitar amp $75.00
Roland JC120 2X12 guitar combo $50.00
Marshall JCM900 100W 2 channel guitar head $50.00
Marshall 1960A 4X12 Guitar enclosure slant $50.00
Marshall 1960B 4X12 Guitar enclosure straight $50.00
Peavey Bass3xp150W bass head $25.00
Peavey 115BXBW 15" bass enclosure $20.00
Gallien-Krueger 800RB 400W biamp bass head $50.00
Hartke115BXL 1X15 bass enclosure $50.00
Hartke 410BXL 4X10 bass enclosure $50.00
Ampeg SVT400W bass head $70.00
Ampeg SVT8X10 8X10 400W bass enclosure $50.00
SWR SM900 bass head $80.00
SWR Goliath III 4x10 bass cabinet $50.00
Keyboards and Keyboard Amplifiers Rental rate per day
Hammond B3 with Leslie and pedalboard $325.00 PLUS DELIVERY
Yamaha MotifES8 88 key Motif ES w/ stand $180.00
Yamaha P200 88 key $120.00
Roland XP80 Music Workstation/76 key $120.00
Roland D50LA Synthesizer $80.00
Korg Triton Pro76 76 key music workstation $160.00

Kurzweil K2500-CST workstation $180.00
Peavey KB/A100 65W keyboard amp $35.00
Peavey KB/A300 130W keyboard amp $50.00
Roland KC500 keyboard amp $50.00

Drums and Percussion

Rental Rate Per Day
LP- congas 2 conga set with stands $50.00
LP- Matador bongos set with stand $25.00
LP- timbales Matador set with stand $20.00
Toca Limited congas limited edition conga set with stands $50.00
Yamaha Recording Custom 5 piece drum set with hardware $300.00
Yamaha Stage Custom 5 piece drum set with hardware $120.00
Lighting Rental rate per day
Chauvet Vue 3LED - based moonflower $30.00
American D.J. Aggressor Prism effect light $25.00
American D.J. Revo 3 LED - based moonflower $30.00
American D.J. SpectrumLED - based moonflower $20.00
American D.J Snapshot Strobe $15.00
American D.J. 12" mirror ball 12" mirror ball $25.00
American D.J 16" mirror ball 16" mirror ball $30.00
L&E 8 par 56 systemfull system with controller, dimmers $100.00 per package (expandable)
Spot Lights Rental rate per day
L+E Commander Follow Spot $50.00
L+E Mini Spot Follow Spot $40.00
Times Square QF1000S Follow Spot $50.00
Foggers Rental rate per day
MBT EM900Z900 watt fogger (includes 1 gallon of fog fluid; additional fluid may be needed and must be purchased separately) $35.00
Miscellaneous Rentals Rental rate per day
Manhasset M48 Music Stand $7.00
Manhasset Clip-on Light Light for M-48 $2.50
Audio Snakes Description Rental rate per day
Horizon 24x150x6 split 150', 24ch.,6 returns, 50' split $70.00
Pro Co16x100x4 XLR 100', 16ch., 4 XLR returns $50.00
Conquest16x100x4 TRS 100', 16ch., 4 TRS returns $25.00

Here in the rental department we take customer satisfaction to the next level.

We will custom fit each package-one at a time-to suit your needs. From sound-on-a-stick to full production PA's and Light Shows, we got it! In addition to having the gear, we will ensure the you are using equipment that is reliable. Our technicians are regularly trained and updated on the items we rent to ensure that you are taken care of.

Delivery, set up, and pick up services are available for additional charges. Call us for details.

Requirements for Rentals: You must have either an approved Personal Rental Application on file, Corporate Application, or cash/credit card deposit

Personal Rental Applications require a credit check with two valid forms of ID. A driver's license and major credit card are the most common forms of ID presented for applications. Rental applications carry no fees and cannot be faxed in or mailed to us. All applications must be completed and signed in person at Evans Music City.

Corporate applications must have a Letter Of Responsibility typed up in advance & signed by authorized personnel and must be presented at time of each rental or Deposit On your personal/corporate Credit Card. (Our example letter sent forth in the application process will provide the basic wording)

Amex/Visa/MC/Disc presented for deposits require that the name on the card must be the same as the person who wishes to rent with a valid state issued ID. The card WILL BE PRE-AUTHORIZED FOR THE FULL AMOUNT OF NEW GEAR VALUE! Any items not returned will be charged to the renter's credit card or deducted from the renter's deposit. You Must Be at least 18 years of age to rent. Prices Subject to change & are based on availability.

Call us if you have any questions or to make a rental reservation with us.