Tom Anderson

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Tom Anderson S Classic -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson S Classic

 The Classic Could this superlative instrument be the most profound, best playing and best sounding vintage double-cut-away electric guitar on Earth?Quite a delicate question to ask.  Seeking for truth, one cannot just blurt out some arbitr..

$3,439.00 $2,649.00

Tom Anderson S Drop Top -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson S Drop Top

Drop Top                                         ..

$4,154.00 $3,199.00

Tom Anderson S Drop Top Classic -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson S Drop Top Classic

 Drop Top Classic"S", in traditional fashion, is clearly brought to its apex in the form of Drop Top Classic. Drop Top Classic is "classic" pickguard styling collaborating with Drop Top technology—merging the grandeur of flame or quilted maple,..

$4,154.00 $3,199.00

Tom Anderson T Classic -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson T Classic

 Many times in your mind you may have envisioned playing a vintage “T-style” guitar—imaged it as fluid, flowing and flawless, drawing your music forth without reservation because it's so darn easy to play and sounds so full and clear, all at t..

$3,439.00 $2,649.00

Tom Anderson T Mongrel -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson T Mongrel

 Mongrel        offspring of S & T style guitars—a cool and so playable amalgamation.I believe is now defining Mongrel as: an..

$3,439.00 $2,649.00