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Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top - Cajun Red -23%

Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top - Cajun Red

Hollow Drop Top Cajun Red with Binding Quilt Maple Top on Alder Body ·        Hollow Chambered Maple, Rosewood Fingerboard Neck ·        Traditional (25 ½-inch) ..

$4,614.00 $3,533.00

Tom Anderson  S Pro Am -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson S Pro Am

Pro Amis the one that really started it all for us.Back in the mid to late 80's, humbucker pickups and the Floyd Rose locking-tremolo bridge found its way into the double-cut-away guitars and a whole new style of Rock was launched. Also in t..

$3,449.00 $2,649.00

Tom Anderson - Raven (Black) -23% Out Of Stock

Tom Anderson - Raven (Black)

 Raven ClassicBlackAlder BodyMaple, Rosewood Fingerboard NeckTraditional (25 1/2-inch) Scale LengthMatching Gloss Headstock, Natural Satin Neck Back1 11/16-inch Nut Width, Heavy FretsEven-Taper Neck Back ShapeBuzz Feiten Tuning SystemChrome Hard..

$3,599.00 $2,772.00

Tom Anderson Angel -23% Pre-Order
Tom Anderson Atom -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Atom

A  brand new body shape accompanies mahogany-based construction and a shorter 24 3/4-inch scale-length. Legendarily effortless Anderson neck playability is at hand with a new and extremely comfortable tilt-back neck geometry supporting the in..

$4,539.00 $3,496.00

Tom Anderson Atom CT -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Atom CT

 CT is an acronym that stands for Carved Top. Yes, this is an Atom that features a gorgeous carved top design, and with it all the sonic attributes that accompany such an instrument—with flawless Anderson implementation of course. Crushing t..

$5,199.00 $4,004.00

Tom Anderson Cobra -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Cobra

 CobraCobras are just ridiculously good!  A guitar like no other, Cobra will play it all, cross over and through all styles of music, stomping your stamp of authority with graceful fluidity. The one and only Cobra has been a star here at ..

$4,374.00 $3,369.00

Tom Anderson Cobra S -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Cobra S

 Cobra SThe screaming had become too loud, the demand too great—we loved it.  Those who lived and breathed the obvious advantages of Cobra but also reveled in their S-shaped Andersons wanted  the two to merge into one magnificent instr..

$4,374.00 $3,369.00

Tom Anderson Cobra S Special -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Cobra S Special

 Cobra S SpecialAs we also mentioned on the Cobra Special description page: “In guitar jargon the word “special” denotes an all-mahogany body.”So then...Cobra S Special is a Cobra S with an all-Mahogany body. This means power and full focused m..

$3,939.00 $3,034.00

Tom Anderson Cobra Special -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Cobra Special

Cobra SpecialIn guitar jargon the word “special” denotes an all-mahogany body, so yes, you guessed it, Cobra Special is a Cobra that features an all-mahogany body (no maple top on the body).  It speaks with a huge, rich mid-focused voice. Cobras..

$3,939.00 $3,034.00

Tom Anderson Crowdster -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Crowdster

 CROWDSTERThere is no longer any debate; Crowdster is the premiere live-music acoustic guitar—the one to bring your acoustic guitar sounds effortlessly to life on stage with all the fullness great acoustic guitar parts deserve. Crowdster is a gu..

$4,099.00 $3,157.00

Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus

 CROWDSTER PLUSSo what is the Plus of the Crowdster Plus? Same amazing guitar as the regular addition of an Anderson electric guitar pickup made especially for Crowdster—so you can blend in or select impressive suppl..

$4,484.00 $3,453.00

Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus 2 -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus 2

 Crowdster Plus 2The addition of a socially balanced and specially designed neck pickup unlocks almost unlimited potential and versatility, as any acoustic or electric guitar requisition now opens before you with ease, making Crowdster Plus 2 th..

$4,455.00 $3,431.00

Tom Anderson Drop "T" -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Drop "T"

Drop TVery soon after the revelation of the revolutionary Drop Top in 1990, we knew we needed to apply the same Drop Top technology to the "T" platform.The result was Drop T—a "T" of a profound nature—completely new and different than anything "T" ..

$4,154.00 $3,199.00

Tom Anderson Drop "T" Classic -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson Drop "T" Classic

 Yes,Drop T Classicis the:most gorgeousbest soundingtradition-based "T" guitar on Earth!  Look no further! These two distinctions are brought together by applying Anderson's Drop Top-driven attributes of: A gorgeous maple or exotic w..

$4,154.00 $3,199.00

Tom Anderson S Classic -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson S Classic

 The Classic Could this superlative instrument be the most profound, best playing and best sounding vintage double-cut-away electric guitar on Earth?Quite a delicate question to ask.  Seeking for truth, one cannot just blurt out some arbitr..

$3,439.00 $2,649.00

Tom Anderson S Drop Top -23% Pre-Order

Tom Anderson S Drop Top

Drop Top                                         ..

$4,154.00 $3,199.00