Powered Mixers

Powered Mixers

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Peavey XR-AT Powered Mixer -20% Out Of Stock

Peavey XR-AT Powered Mixer

Music and audio innovator Peavey Electronics® is proud to release the XR®-AT mixer. As the inventors of the modern powered mixer, Peavey sets a new standard in compact, powerful audio solutions with the new XR-AT. The XR-AT incorporates a 9-chan..

$999.99 $799.99

Peavey XR-S Powered Mixer -25% Out Of Stock

Peavey XR-S Powered Mixer

Peavey Electronics®, the industry’s most technology-driven audio equipment manufacturer, is proud to unveil the new XR®-S mixer. Originators of the modern top box mixer, Peavey now raises the bar for compact audio solutions with this powerful new des..

$799.99 $599.99