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World Percussion


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De Gregorio Siboney Cajon

Along with its larger brother Kongo, the Siboney continues our line of Cuban style cajóns. Made in the traditional way without a snare, the Siboney is played using conga technique as well as modern finger techniques. Its sound opens up in the same wa..


LP Bongo Cajon

 Twin-chambered Bongo Cajon plays like real bongos! LP's Bongo Cajon will surprise you with how much it sounds like real bongos but you will not find bongos that sound this good at this very low price. An attractive, "go anywhere" instrume..


Remo Tubano Pre-tuned Rainbow Drum

 The Festival line is designed to bring the fun and benefits of recreational drumming to first-time and part-time drummers. The Festival Tubanos are an excellent choice for drum circle facilitators offering them a good sounding, durable product ..


De Gregorio Bravo Cajon -28% Out Of Stock

De Gregorio Bravo Cajon

The DG Bravo is our workhorse cajón- an instrument for any player and any musical situation. We've taken the flamenco-style cajón and stripped it down to its most essential elements to bring you a Back-To-Basics cajón like no other. The body of the B..

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